Homicide Portraits With Lighting Diagram – Washingtonian Magazine February 2012

You can catch some of my images in the newest issue of Washingtonian Magazine. I photographed Laura Amico, who started a site called Homicide Watch D.C. with her husband Chris Amico, which documents all of the reported homicides in the Washington D.C. area. Read more than just a surface story of a faceless victim being murdered. Read more about it starting on Page 64 of the magazine!

The great creative team at Washingtonian and I worked cohesively on the development of the concept. We decided to create a wall of faces of D.C. homicide victims. I think it really makes an impact. Kind of haunting having all of those faces looking back at you.

Shot it in color and created a gritty look by first converting it via the Bleach Bypass plugin in Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro software, then converting it to black and white using Nik’s Silver Efex Pro plugin. I used an x3200 White Lightning strobe with a 40 degree grid placed within a 7″ reflector to create the spotlight effect on Laura and placed a large 6′ silver parabolic umbrella behind me (the shooter) to create a slight fill in the shadows so you can see all of the faces.

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