Creating Exclusive Automotive Advertising Content For A Dealership Client

If you’re ever in Sebring, Florida visit Alan Jay Automotive’s Chevy/GMC/Cadillac dealer. You can see an installation of about 14 six to eight foot long canvas prints of exclusive automotive photography that I shot right in Sebring for the client. The client wanted unique automotive adverting content shot exclusively around their home base.

I originally teased this photo shoot on my blog a few months ago. Click here to see more photos.

Shout out to Canvas On Demand Pro Support for working on our pricing and incredible shipping rates. Imagine how much 14 canvas prints averaging about 6′ long cost to ship… Only cost me a total of $30! Everything shipped cost under $5k to print with COD’s holiday discount codes.

As you can imagine, the file sizes were huge! I shot these on Canon 5d Mark 2’s originally and used Perfect Resize 7 by to enlarge these images without serious file quality degradation. I used Nik Software Photoshop plugins Viveza 2 (check out those moody clouds) and Color Efex to bring out detail in the cars, clouds, and background content and Silver Efex to do some awesome black and white conversions on color files (see below).

What a great group of people over at Alan Jay Automotive. They have a great reputation for being an honest dealer with excellent customer service. Next American car I buy will definitely be through them!

Some examples of the prints are shown below:

8 images. 2 very long prints. Main showroom.
8 feet long!

Customer lounge

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