Photoshoot With Dominic’s Dodge Charger From Fast 5 (Fast And The Furious)

I blogged about this shoot a few weeks ago. Thanks to some long hours at the computer by myself and my retoucher, Justin, here we are. This image above is a combination of multiple exposures of the same shot. I essentially would have an assistant walk around the car and light it part by part. The background and the fog was added in post. Im pleased how it came out and can’t wait to print it out very big!

Shout out to Nik Software. Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro 4 did play an important role to this final image.

I shot this as part of my ongoing Unicorn Project personal photo series dedicated to iconic TV and movie cars. I think it ended up great. Special thanks to Cinema Vehicle Services in North Hollywood, CA to help arrange the Charger and the police vehicles.

Walking around the car with a strobe taking multiple exposures.


iPhone photo from on-set

7 thoughts on “Photoshoot With Dominic’s Dodge Charger From Fast 5 (Fast And The Furious)”

  1. Looks amazing, would love a glimpse into the editing of this. What were your thoughts on removing the reflection of the police car? I can see it being something I would be torn wether or not to do? Think in the end having the clean horizon reflection definitely wins though!

    Thanks for sharing.

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