Announcing My New Photography & Video Production Studio In Downtown Manhattan

Announcing my new studio in Manhattan located on West 27th by FIT campus in the Chelsea area. She’s a beautiful spot at around 1500 square feet with amazing available light (which can also be blocked out), full kitchen, wifi, freight elevator, in-addition to some really great raw space in the building.

I look forward to making some photo and video magic there! I definately plan to host a get together or two and possibly a workshop in the coming months. Stay tuned!

8 Responses to “Announcing My New Photography & Video Production Studio In Downtown Manhattan”

  1. Braun says:

    Congrats on the studio. Miss mine sometimes. Had 5k sq ft for a while. Always great place to grow parties and build big toys too! Drinks soon. Cheeers

  2. Tracy says:


  3. Jena Ardell says:

    Niiiiiiiiice~!! Congrats on the great space. Hope to see it one day!!

  4. Ajani Truth says:

    Congrats man! Is this just your project studio or will you be renting it out?

  5. Michael says:

    Congrats Douglas on the space. Looking forward to seeing it one day and going to one of your workshops

  6. Jackie Deutsch says:

    Congratulations Doug – that is OUTSTANDING!!!!!

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