Shooting Honda Ads in New York City – 2012 Civic GX CNG Preview

Our final location, Times Square

Just got back from Manhattan and had a fulfilling all-day print ad shoot with the newly re-designed 2012 Honda Civic GX CNG (compressed natural gas) for the ad agency, Tier 10 Marketing under the direction of creative director (and Tier 10 co-founder) Scott Rodgers.

It was kind of wild (stressful) driving a pre-release factory vehicle around New York City during a heavy protest day, but I survived. Honestly, the new Civic was really surprising nimble and easy to drive around the city. I couldn’t believe this was a car that was considered an economy vehicle with GPS, 30+ mpg, smooth quiet ride, and a radio that synced to my iPhone 4 via bluetooth that not only handled my phone calls, but played my iTunes music without the need of a sync cable. This is coming from a guy that drives a luxury German car. Color me impressed by the new CNG Honda Civic.

Cannot wait to share the final edited images and behind the scenes video filmed by Joe Olesh. In the meantime, here are 3 iPhone photos from the past day of shooting.

The 3 factory cars being delivered to my hotel in mid-town.
These guys were shooting the ultra rare $1+ million Zenovo St1 Bugatti-fighter around the corner from us in the Meat Packing District. When I saw this I was like: Well I'm shooting the new CNG Civic, OKAY GUYS! Haha. Photo by assistant Erik Motta. Good snap Erik!
Okay, here is one teaser that the client already released. This is an iPhone snapshot of my laptop screen showing one of the proofs from today. We took this in Dumbo with the Manhattan Bridge in the background. Wait until you see the final images!

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  1. Great photos, thanks for sharing. Makes me think about upgrading to a 2012 from my 2010 Honda Civic GX. I love this car – it’s clean, it’s cheap, it’s safe. It’s great to not have to smell gasoline fumes any more! And the range is 200 miles per refuel and it only takes 3 minutes to refuel.

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