View from the 360 Club bar in downtown St. Louis. Great place to drink and edit after a long shoot day. Check out that view!

iPhone Photos From The Road – Ad Shoot In St. Louis

View from the 360 Club bar in downtown St. Louis. Great place to drink and edit after a long shoot day. Check out that view!

Back on the road I go! October had me home a lot filming local projects (including a couple of awesome music videos with the Red Epic-M). November has me back our across the country shooting print ads. It’s funny, I don’t feel like myself if I go too long from doing a job on the road.

I just completed a project in St. Louis photographing some cars for the ad agency, Tier 10 Marketing. The client requested photos of ┬ánew vehicles with the famous archway in the background. I called the Missouri film office to get assistance on finding a proper location to setup vehicles, lights, and a generator. Apparently, in June of 2011, funding was cut to the film office and it no longer exists….which is insane…I can’t get a permit or official permission to shoot?! Therefore, I had to fly in a day early to location scout.

Based on configuration of buildings, setting up on the St Louis, MO side would be essentially impossible. I checked out google maps and thought it may be worthwhile to check out the other side of the Mississippi River, which was East St. Louis, Illinois. Nobody told me beforehand that East St. Louis was one of the country’s most dangerous towns… but there I was wandering around by myself at night looking at location possibilities. I found a spot there, which ended up being perfect! Although, my assistant and I felt impending doom as more and more locals implored that we finish our project and leave the area before nightfall. It was like being in Old Detroit City in Robocop 2 after curfew. One of the vehicle handlers even said he would rather walk around the worst parts of Detroit than East St. Louis.

Nonetheless, I got the job done without being murdered, or mugged. Now to head home for 12 hours to do laundry and re-pack for NYC. I’m photographing ads of the brand new re-designed pre-production compressed natural gas Honda Civics around the city. Should be a blast!

view from my camera. so far so good!


View of St Louis from the dangerous East St. Louis side of the Mississippi River, where we had our shoot.


Proofs looking good on the computer!


In B.B.'s Jazz bar on Broadway listening to amazing live blues music on an empty night. Incredible and poetic.


Breakfast at an awesome old city diner in St. Louis, The Courtesy Diner


Pac man pancakes, pretty much the best flapjacks I have ever had

4 thoughts on “iPhone Photos From The Road – Ad Shoot In St. Louis”

  1. hey man, I’m from the STL area and wanted to do a shot of the riverfront at dawn, and finally found this one (after being run off that park where you guys were, with the elevated viewing station). I ended up right on the river after crossing some train tracks:

    I still haven’t found the time to edit that shoot :(

    PS- love the blog, I’m looking for a case for my lights and found your Pelican review. Thanks!

    1. they chased you away? I showed up with 12 cars, a generator, and an assistant without a permit. They asked me what I was doing, I just said I was shooting some photos and they nodded and left me alone. I would have gotten a permit but the Missouri film office had its funding cut and doesnt exist and didnt find the location until the night before the shoot

  2. well, I showed up to the viewing platform park place and wanted to shoot at the top level…but it was dark and 5am and the park wasn’t open yet, so two “park rangers” said no. That’s when I went and found the spot across the tracks from the casino, on the river, with my dad and wife on lookout :P

    I agree it’s not that safe – we drove around between 4 and 5am, and weren’t in a good place after missing the casino exit on the highway! But there’s not much on the IL side as far as good views of STL.. sad, really.

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