Happy Halloween! My Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Photoshoot With Behind The Scenes Video

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, and every year I try and do a themed photoshoot in its honor, like my zombie shoot last year. This year I headed down to southern Virginia to visit my friend that’s a movie/tv car collector along with 4 white-lighting strobes, a Roscoe fog machine, some color gels, a generator and lots of extension cable to photograph one of the Ghostbuster’s Ecto 1 Cadillacs. The story goes is that this is one of the vehicles built by the movie studio to promote the film. It looks a million times nicer than the on-screen car would look because it was expected to be seen and scrutinized up close by the general public.

Check out the behind the scenes video by my friend Addison Wright:

vimeo Direkt

This shoot is also part of my larger ongoing personal series, The Unicorn Project, which is a photo series dedicated to those that collect and build television and movie vehicles. It has been a blast to make so far! Adding more cool cars in the near future. You can see more behind the scenes from these Unicorn shoots here.

For these images I would shoot with plans to combine 2 images into. Not HDR necessarily. I would take 1 photo with strobes and a second slower exposure for the lights, which I would add to the strobed photo. The fog machine helped to show light travel. I wanted the vehicle to emanate beams of light… it’s more spooky that way after all!

As you will see in one of my upcoming retouching tutorial videos, I used Nik Software Viveza 2 “Control Points” and “Structure” and Color Efex 4 “Bleach Bypass” to help make the photos really pop.

Want to see these Ecto 1 images high-resolution and the rest of my movie and tv vehicle photo series? Head on over to The Unicorn Project gallery on my website. I’m always adding to the series.

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Will post a behind the scenes video on my retouching process on this image soon

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