Tutorial: How I Retouch A Portrait For A Magazine Cover – Blink 182 Edition

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This is a follow-up tutorial from my original blog post the other week when I announced the 4 covers Alt Press Magazine was releasing from my Blink 182 photoshoot in Los Angeles. I do a quick and dirty tutorial of how I cleaned up and retouched one of the portraits for the cover of the magazine. As you’ll notice, Photoshop plugin Nik Viveza 2┬áis an integral part of how I got the desaturated textured look of the final image.

I typically edit the photos that the magazine and I (or sometimes just the magazine) choose and send it to them for text layout and design.

You can see more of my behind the scenes videos and tutorials on my Vimeo page: HERE


Here is the behind the scenes video from the original photoshoot in case you missed it:

vimeo Direkt


I show you how I prepped Mark's cover in the video...


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  1. Kea says:

    Thanks for your tutorials Doug! So when you do these shoots, do you always do the retouching or do your clients sometime have their own person?


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