Shooting Some Modern GM Muscle Cars In Florida

Editing some advertising photos I shot for a GM dealership client down in Florida this week. Here are some highlights from my edits so far. Proof that you can make some dynamic photos with only 3 strobes (sometimes 4), cool location-planning, and well-planned retouching and cleanup in post. The skies were not dropped-in. Those are “Grade A” natural Florida skies. Still have loads of setups/cars to edit, but looking pretty good so far to me!

I wouldn’t consider myself an automotive photography expert like my buddy Nate Hassler. I’m more of a portrait photographer that loves to shoot cars and sometimes even gets paid to do so (more often it seems these days)!

Want to see most of these images full-screen? Head over to my new “Transportation” portfolio on my website: http://sondersphotography.com/#/Photography Portfolio/Transportation/1

2 White Lightning strobes with 7" reflectors, a beautiful moody sky, and Nik Silver Efex Pro. The "structure" adjustment really helps bring out those clouds.

In the Florida orange groves. Too bad the oranges weren't out! Nik Viveza 2 plug in really helped pull out the green in the trees

2 thoughts on “Shooting Some Modern GM Muscle Cars In Florida”

  1. Love your style and PP, great work.

    However, Why isn’t the horizon in the second Vette shot straight?
    is there a reason, did you want te car leveled out or am I missing something?


    1. I assume you mean the back end shot of the blue vette? Because Im an idiot? Haha. Thats the simple answer. I believe I fixed that in the crop on the final images. Good catch.

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