My Blink 182 Alt Press Magazine Covers Revealed And Behind The Scenes Video


Click to see larger. Buy on newsstands September 6, 2011.

Alt Press Magazine released my 4 special edition covers from my Los Angeles photoshoot with Blink 182 this week. You can check out Alt Press issue #279 when it goes on sale September 6, 2011. Wait until you see what I shot for the inside of the magazine! I have loved shooting for Alt Press. They give me a lot of artistic freedom and they give me the opportunity to work with some great artists.

The cover headshots look particularly well-exposed and crisp thanks to one of my favorite Photoshop Plug-ins:¬†Nik Software Viveza 2. I’ll do a quick video tutorial on how I processed the Blink 182 photos in the near future.

Check out the behind the scenes video my production company, 8112 Studios, shot and edited from the Blink 182 photoshoot. I essentially only had 30 minutes to take 4 covers and 8 pages of editorial content. I was originally supposed to have 3-4 hours of time allotted for my shoot, but the band’s schedule had to change last minute. Being an entertainment photographer, this sort of thing happens pretty often and all you can do is adapt to the situation and work fast!

vimeo Direkt

Thanks to my team for their quick work! Assistant: Jena, behind the scenes video Nicholas Cambata, and groomer: Kate Broadhurst #noduckface (left to right)

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  1. famous_burro says:

    great job. do you know of any other way to get the “subscribers only” cover? i tried to subscribe and was told i would not be getting the blink issue

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