Video Tutorial Of My Post Production Process (Beard Portrait Series Edition)

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In case you were wondering, here is an 8-minute screen capture video of my post-production process for my new beard portrait series. See how I get that great extra texture and contrast in photoshop. I will be doing more tutorials of my process as time progresses. Now remember, great photos can not be captured with just retouching alone, you need to start with good well-shot material! I will discuss the details of my light setup soon.

Retouching is a tool, not a crutch. :)

4 thoughts on “Video Tutorial Of My Post Production Process (Beard Portrait Series Edition)”

  1. This looks great! I just found it from the Nik software facebook page! The Photo is fantastic, Have you tried out the “amplify whites” and “amplify blacks” sliders under the contrast section of the global adjustments in SEP2 ?

  2. Just wanted to say that I learned the “copy control point to another location with the Alt key” tip from you (albeit in another one of your videos). Anyway, it’s been a nice little time-saver for me, so thanks for sharing. :)


  3. This is awesome, thanks for sharing the knowledge! For me it means a lot more watching a tutorial by a guy who does awesome commercial work every day as opposed to watching a video from a guy who only does tutorials. I’m hooked.

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