Take A Lot Of iPhone Photos? You May Enjoy My “Photo Stats” iPhone App Review

I take A LOT of photos on my iPhone, especially when I travel for shoots. Photo Stats is a cool application for your iPhone that analyzes your shooting habits. It lists everything from where you’ve taken photos to your most productive time of day, what percentage you shoot landscape vs horizontal, etc.

“If an image is worth thousand words how much is an infographic about all your photos in the camera roll?” – Photo Stats Website

If you click to see the rest of the post below, you can see some of my most recent iPhone photography stats. Unfortunately, I just downloaded about 900 photos from my recent travels onto my computer so it won’t reflect the bulk of my recent shooting stats, but this should give you an idea about how the application works.

One error I noticed is that it says I use flash 100% of the time, which is untrue. I would estimate that less than 10% of my photos are taken with the iPhone flash. Also, it says I use the camera 100% of the time to take the photos… really?

For .99 cents I think it is a pretty cool app. I plan on running an analysis on myself every couple of weeks to track my shooting habits since I do so much iPhone photography. I wish my DSLRs had this kind of tracking/analysis software!

Learn more about the Photo Stats app here: www.photostatsapp.com

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