The Importance Of To-Do Lists – TeuxDeux Software And App Review

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I remember my first days out on my own after graduating Rochester Institute of Technology as a freelance photographer. I would wake up in the morning and after cruising the internet aimlessly would essentially stare at the wall wondering what to do with myself. With no boss to tell me what to do and no set schedules, I was nearly completely lost. This is when I discovered the beauty of to-do lists. Quickly my desk would become littered with to-do lists. These lists would keep me on track and give me goals for the day, week, month, and year.

Eventually I would pick up a Palm Pilot Treo, which had a great to-do application, but when I upgraded to the iPhone, my goal software was lost…until now! Thanks to a suggestion by my friend, photographer Luke Copping, I downloaded the iphone/android/ipad application TeuxDeux by Swiss-Miss software. I’ve enjoyed it so far. Whenever you open the app on your smart device, it sync’s to the data on your TeuxDeux account so all of your devices and keep up to date with what you need to do. You can also update your lists on the TeuxDeux webpage via your computer after you login to your account, not just via your smart devices. When you accomplish a goal you just tap it and it gets crossed out. Items you have not crossed off get pushed to the next day until they are completed.

I do have a few small gripes/requests for the software: You cannot edit a pre-existed “to-do.” If you want to change it you have to delete it off of your list and re-post it again. It would be nice to have more options under the “someday” to-do list such as date reminders, or priority options. I also wish the to-do’s has an alarm, reminder, or “complete by” date goal.

Remember self-employed creatives. Whatever method you choose, creating goals/lists/schedules makes our world keep turning. It put me back on track and I hope it does the same for  you!

Check out the TeuxDeux demo video below to see how it works (I did not make this video).

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    1. well thats a reason in itself. its stored on your phone and actively syncs with internet, but you dont need the internet to view your list and update it.

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