Always Trying To Get The [iPhone] Shot – On Set With Rudy Gay

Capturing the moment with my iPhone. Photo by Drew Xeron

On set photographing Memphis Grizzlies player Rudy Gay in Baltimore, Maryland for a huge feature in Dime Magazine earlier this week. We had a great shoot and Rudy couldn’t be a cooler guy. He was even nice enough to hold my ladder as I climbed up to get a shot from the hoop so that I wouldn’t fall to my death (my assistants were busy moving lighting and running around and Rudy insisted). As you may have realized by now, I have become addicted to taking photos with my iPhone as well so I had to capture the moment (see photo below).

Photo from the iPhone using the instagram app
Photo by Drew Xeron


Photoshoot wrap dinner with the crew

I photographed Rudy before for the same magazine a couple of years back (see video below), but I promise these new photos will be over the top (so to speak.) Will let you know when the issue comes out!

vimeo Direkt

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