Crash Boom Bang – “These Wild Things” Album Cover… Even The Dog Parties

Had a fun photoshoot with my old friends in the band Crash Boom Bang for the cover of their upcoming album “These Wild Things” a month or so back. Ended up having the shoot at my apartment one night with a bunch of fun beautiful people. This is one of those days where you have to love your job. There may or may not have been an after party…

Lighting was somewhat simple. Had a gridded beauty dish right over my shoulder, and a ring flash set to low power for slight fill. I wanted to focus the light on our girl in the middle, Morgan Summers, who was our main character. I also wanted to keep lighting a little harsh so the shot didn’t look too polished. It is a party photo after all! The other challenge was getting everyone in the right mindset. Had to coach everyone to know what their pose and expression should be.

Check out CBB’s new website! They are fantastically talented musicians and great guys to boot.

Getting everyone in the zone for the first setup. Even my dog got into the party mode.
Behind the scenes
Another unedited outtake. Location 2: "bed." Had an assistant hold the beauty dish with grid on a boom over Morgan.
Team photo

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