Back Home From [Picture] Shooting Rampage Across the US… For A Few Days

iPhone snap of the 458 Italia I just took on a solo 200 mile road trip at sunset.

Whew. Sorry for the slim blog posts. Been practically on the road doing shoots and ads across the country for the past 3 weeks (aside from 24 hour stops home to re-pack). Finally back in DC for a few days for a little R&R to nurse my wounds, catch up on edits, and do a bit of accounting before leaving again in a few days. Felt amazing to sleep in my bed, finally.

Highlights from the past few weeks:

Was hired by an ad agency and Acura to follow around John McEnroe for a day doing press events. Here is an iPhone snap of watching the man in racket-throwing action courtside in NYC.


iPhone snap of the back of my camera. Was in Florida shooting car ads by the beach. My tshirt tan is in full effect right now.
After opening up a beautiful CTS-V coupe on the track during a break from an ad shoot. Photo by my assistant Robert Herrera.


On set in NY for a series of international ads I was shooting for 4 Discovery Channel shows. What a fantastic project. Cant wait to show you the final results.


My LA crew (video, assistant, makeup, party animals). Our celebratory wrap party after finishing my photoshoot with the band Blink 182 in Hollywood. Kate (right) knows #noduckface. She was mocking me.


2am drive on an empty road with the Ferrari 458. Epic car. Truly easy to drive compared to the previous generation 430, 360, etc.
Got to babysit Alexander Ovechkin's (star Washington Capitols hockey player) custom S65 one of the weekends I was home. Perks of the career...

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