Fan Of Movie Director Paul Verhoeven? I Know We Are! – Immature Activity Edition

If you are a regular follower of my blog, you will know that I still hang out and work with some of my best friends from Jr. High and College in our production company, 8112 Studios. I recently hired illustrator/animator Jeffrey Olson (link to his website) to create an image of myself, my 8112 Studios co-producer Nicholas Cambata, my Boxer Winston Chuchill, and my friend Gregg Zwirn to reflect our love for films directed by the brilliant Paul Verhoeven. The picture only has characters from his films Robocop and Total Recall, though. I considered having my dog illustrated as Sharon Stone’s character from Basic Instinct…but I thought better of it. Kidding! Kidding! Sort of…

Yes, haha, I realize how ridiculous this is, but it will make a great t-shirt on our film sets! Just need to add our company logo… Anyone want a special limited edition t-shirt when we make it?

Here are video clips from the films in which the illustration is based:

YouTube Direkt
YouTube Direkt
YouTube Direkt

3 thoughts on “Fan Of Movie Director Paul Verhoeven? I Know We Are! – Immature Activity Edition”

  1. Too funny. Great work Jeffrey! One of my favorite parts of Total Recall is where the girl is changing her nail polish color with the touch of a wand. Now that’s the future! ;p Come on, I’m a girl, albeit a geeky one. LOL

  2. I heart me some Starship Troopers, I wanna see Rico Douglas. But seriously, I’m glad you didn’t have him draw your head onto Elizabeth Berkley from Showgirls…. some things are sacred.

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