Filming Colorado And Wyoming Adventure – 2nd Half (iPhone Photo Recap)

Day 6: this iPhone camera sure is coming in handy. Driving the Camaro west back into the gauntlet from South Dakota back into Wyoming

Finally, here are some more iPhone photos from the last part of my road trip through Wyoming, Colorado, and South Dakota. Been playing a lot of catch up this week. Last week’s adventure was quite the trip. We put approximately 2300 miles on our Camaro rental car in the span of 7 days. Thats a lot of road covered in just 3 states! Hope you enjoyed my road trip updates on twitter and instagram. I believe I took nearly 700 photos on my iPhone last week!

Our home for 2 days and 3 nights in Wyoming

Our happenin' motel

Our happenin' Friday night in Wyoming

Stretching the Camaro's legs. Long long empty road.

Colorado blacktop

The 400 horsepower tripod.

Day 3. Filming location 10,000 feet up covering the firefighters. it's heaven up here iPhone pic

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View from the mountains.

Abandoned domicile in the hills

Acres of burnt trees.

My co-producer Nick and the wall art

Good day to put the top down

Taking iPhone photos

1500 miles in

Colorado rest stop

rest stop tree

Great medicine for an absinthe-caused illness

The clouds roll in

Watching the storm clouds

Devil's Tower. You may recognize it from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Apparently this is America's first National Monument

Stretching the legs

It's amazing seeing the rain come in from many miles away.

Day 5: I'm driving a US Dept of agriculture pickup truck through a 10,000 acre Wyoming cattle ranch for documentary location 2. Surreal day. Surreal week. I spent an hour sitting on top of a hill watching the clouds go by, feel the breeze, listen to the cows, and think about life.


Click to see full-size. Created with iPhone pano app.



Douglas Sonders for president? Mount Rushmore

Flag at Mount Rushmore

That's me, photographing in the middle of the highway

Creepy abandoned rest stop. Swore I saw zombies in there.

A tearful goodbye to the rental car. I miss you already. We had some good times, Queen 2.0



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  1. Melanie says:

    Wow. I’m really enjoying your photos from your roadtrip. Makes me squeemish to go on the same kind of roadtrip. Especially with that hot car! Those old iphone take some pretty mean photos. Keep it up!

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