My Advertising Photoshoot For Ford Motor Company – Ford Focus In Los Angeles

Few months ago I shot a Ford Focus advertising campaign in the Los Angeles area. The layouts have finally debut and wanted to share them with you here. It was a fun challenge trying to yield the SAME reaction out of both the adult and child actors. I was given very short amounts of time to do these, but hey, what else is new! Nothing I can’t handle. I don’t know what to do with myself when given too much time I think.

I photographed the woman first with plenty of time in the morning. Although, the real challenge was shooting the little girl in the evening with changing light while trying to get her to match the same reaction after she had been on camera (motion) for hours. The little one was exhausted by the time she got to my setup, but a good trooper for my camera. Only had about 20 minutes to knock out her photos before the TV crew grabbed her for the next setup. Definitely important to keep calm so our young subject remained relaxed despite feeling INCREDIBLE schedule pressure. Although, as I said, I think I work best under pressure. Glad it all worked out!

Sadly, all of these trucks were not for me. Most were for the TV spots for Ford they were also filming. Catering truck nom nom nom
Preparing to shoot the vehicle sans-windshield for the portrait in the car.

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  1. Haha, it’s funny you mention the grueling schedule and the toll it took on both you and the little girl. At first glance her expression seems genuine, but taking it in context I can see that she was under duress. But you did an amazing job with this, considering the constraints. Bravo!


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