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2 Of My Clients Put Together A Cool Video Campaign To Promote The New Civic

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Earlier this year I introduced my ad agency client, Tier 10, to my music client, Dirty Vegas, so they could meet and create a new campaign for Honda that I’ve been helping with behind the scenes (and some other cool stuff I can’t announce yet). Check out the cool first video they made together (above) called “Heritage” using one of Dirty Vegas’s singles “Today” off their new album “Electric Love.”

I just had to post about this because 1, I love the new Dirty Vegas album, 2, I love it when my clients come together, 3, it’s a cool viral campaign combining vintage Honda ads and new footage.

My buddy and client Scott Rodgers (partner at Tier 10) was the creative director on the project. You should follow him on twitter.

About the video:

In recognition of Honda’s 9th Generation Civic, Tier10 Marketing has developed a “heritage” video, aimed to create a visual experience that best represents the theme: “One Car. A Million Stories.”

The Honda Civic has gained notoriety because of its widespread demographic appeal and longevity. Tier10 celebrates this 9th Generation Civic by creating an integrated viral video campaign that explores the evolution of the Civic.

Tier10 Marketing’s Creative Director Scott Rodgers explains, “Personifying the Civic by instilling emotion was objective one. Bringing in a human element accomplishes two things: it promotes a generational feel and connects the Civic with it’s far-reaching fan-base. Capturing the Civic’s evolution in correlation with the various people featured in the video was key in attaining the correct tone.”

The video incorporates vintage commercial footage of the 1978 Honda Civic to present-day models. An edit composed of new and old Civics, with a progressive pace, allows for 20+ years of the Honda Civic to be showcased in 90 seconds.

Shot on a Canon 7D, the video taps into a technology being utilized by the likes of The Jay Leno Show, House, and Saturday Night Live. The choice to use DSLR technology was deliberate, speaking to the Civic’s universal, grass-roots appeal. DSLR cameras like Canon’s 7D and Nikon’s D3s has brought high quality video to the masses at an affordable price.

A collaboration with Grammy award-winning Dirty Vegas brought an important emotional element. The video features the song, “Today,” a progressive pop composition. There’s a delicate bass beat that builds throughout, ultimately helping the story come through. The song lends a sense of nostalgia, a key element needed for the tone of this short video.

The video’s Producer and Editor Joseph Olesh adds, “The video should leave the viewer wanting to see more. My experience producing this video has made me a big fan of the Civic. My hope for the video is one that inspires viewers to investigate the Civic’s proud history and even take a test drive of their own.”


2 thoughts on “2 Of My Clients Put Together A Cool Video Campaign To Promote The New Civic”

  1. This video is so well done. I could watch it over and over. Honestly, I really enjoy the way the music and film work together. I am not even biased by the fact that there is family of mine in it. I truely believe if this were a television commercial it would be one of those that catches my attention every time.

  2. Cheers, Douglas! Thanks for the post. That video was very much a “labor of love.” It’ll be interesting to see how the Honda Civic community receives it these next few months. Thanks again for the post!

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