Natural Light Portrait Of Wildland Firefighter Ross

Took this natural light portrait of our first documentary subject Ross, a wildland firefighter for the U.S. Forest Service, from earlier this week. Snapped this image with my Canon 5D Mark 2 and a Canon 100 Macro 2.8L and processed it to black and white using the Nik Software photoshop plugin Silver Efex Pro 2. I posed him under the shade of a tree.

We were 10,000 feet up on top of a mountain in the La Plata Mountain Range near Bayfield, Colorado. Ross had just finished cutting down some dead trees as you can see the wood chips in his beard. He looks like the superhuman he truly is. I love how this shot came out and only took 5 minutes to do!

Next stop Wyoming!

6 Responses to “Natural Light Portrait Of Wildland Firefighter Ross”

  1. Stunning and intense yet simple. Awesome work DS!

  2. DeLarren Sr. says:

    Stunning Photo. I too use Silver Efex; now I am about to go and practice for more than 5′! Very detailed shot and although the shadows are illuminated a bit, THEY ARE STILL SHADOWS. WOW…!

    Excellent work!

    Note: Thanks to Nik for tweeting this photo and link.

  3. Krumins says:

    Just saw this tweeted by Nik Software. Cool photo!

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