What Topics Would You Like Me To Cover In My First Kelby Training Online Photo Workshop?

I'm one of these "top pros" :)

I’m touching up my script/topics for my first online photo workshop through Scott Kelby’s “Kelby Training“. They are flying my primary retoucher, Justin, and I down to Florida tomorrow to be filmed for an online class essentially on how to put together a conceptual advertising photoshoot. Should be great. We will touch on pre-production, the photoshoot itself, and digital post production.

What other topics would you like to make sure I cover?

Looking forward to putting together a kick-butt online workshop for you guys!

3 thoughts on “What Topics Would You Like Me To Cover In My First Kelby Training Online Photo Workshop?”

  1. Hey very happy you will have a class up…in your last workshop in new city you made very fun and informative….maybe just talk about how one image and idea come to live…I don’t know! I bet you come with a better theme…lol good luck

  2. Glad to hear that you’re gonna be working with the Kelby guys for a class– they’re right in my back yard! :)

    Anyway, as a fellow commercial photographer (I specialize in band & musician promos), I’m always on the lookout for tips on things like:

    1) Maximizing the creative possibilities for each shoot location
    2) Interacting with clients to keep the “flow” going
    3) Business-related considerations such as contracts, releases, usage rights, etc.
    4) Making the most of your available gear to create as many unique “looks” as possible

    Basically, I really enjoy getting inside the head of fellow photographers and gaining an insight into their creative process. So the more you can sort of “think out loud” during the course of your shoot(s), the better. Very excited to see the final product!


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