My Portrait Session At The US State Department For Fast Company Magazine

Recently did a editorial portrait of Alec Ross (Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) for Fast Company Magazine for their May 2011 issue. The cool location was at the U.S. State Department.

This was another portrait that had to be done very quickly, but nothing I’m not used to. Only had approximately 30  minutes for the entire portrait session after initial location setup. In tight locations or backlit locations I like to use a lot of gridded (narrow) light sources to control exactly where the light falls for the most dramatic impact. Hope you enjoy!

Pulling the curtain back - Used a single beauty dish with white lightning x3200 30 degree grid on a battery pack. Mixing available light and a single strobed source was all that was needed to make this image.
Portrait taken in a U.S. State Department TV studio. Main light on subject was a White Lighting x3200 with 30 degree grid, and 2 smaller gridded strobes used on flag and window on the left.


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  1. Doug! TRULY AMAZING work!! I always enjoy getting these emails and seeing some of your talent highlighted :) Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer:)

    Warm Regards

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