Reasons Twitter Has Been Helpful To Me As A Photographer

We all know Twitter has become an integral part of the social networking community, but what has it done for you? I’m not claiming to be a Twitter expert, but I have noticed how it has changed the way I communicate with the fine folks of the interweb.

  1. Going Viral – There’s a greater chance for what I share to go viral with retweets. Now, whenever I write a blog post and share it on twitter, if my followers have a chance to “retweet” or share it with THEIR followers, and so on. This has happened with a few of my more popular posts, which have seen thousands of more views thanks to the twitter community.
  2. Hiring Crew and Extras – Easier to find production assistance outside of my region when I travel for jobs. As many of you know, I travel a LOT for my shoots and I am often in need of assistants, digital techs, makeup, extras, etc. in markets I don’t usually work in. I put out a call to twitter and on many¬†occasions, I’ve found the talent/crew I have needed for various shoots.
  3. Inspiration – I enjoy following other photographers as well as people I find generally inspiring. They will post links of their own work, articles they find helpful, inspiring quotes, and photo/video tech news and reviews.
  4. New Friends IRL – As funny as it may sound, I’ve actually made new friends from communicating in the Twitter community. I’ve met folks I will grab a beer with, exchange ideas, or ask advice when I am in foreign markets.
  5. New Jobs – People have liked my work enough to share it with their friends and family on twitter, which has led to new clients reaching out to hire me.
  6. News – I’d like to think I keep myself fairly well informed with current events, but nothing has delivered news more immediately to me than Twitter. When the earthquake in Japan happened, it was my twitter feed that informed me first. Celebrity death or any other major news tragedy, most likely I saw it first on twitter. Interesting financial or health news and articles? Often I’ve found them from twitter links shared by people I follow.

How about you? What has twitter done for you?

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13 thoughts on “Reasons Twitter Has Been Helpful To Me As A Photographer”

  1. I’ve gotten freelance work through Twitter and have used it to keep up with other photographers who’s work I enjoy. Plus its a great way to learn as people share awesome articles all the time.

  2. Hi I have been using Twitter much the same way for about a year and have had the same success. I did not have anything back from time spent on Facebook or LinkedIn. There is something about Twitter that lets you build great relationships with potential clients.

  3. I’ve gotten a ton from Twitter, but maybe most notable was a few years ago when my husband was laid off, someone on Twitter found him a new job opportunity and he’s still at that job they pointed him to!

    But really, Twitter has pointed a ton of opportunities my way professionally and personally, as well.

  4. Yeah its an excellent tool full of opportunities. While rare you can get lucky.

    For me a year ago, I managed to be on twitter at the right time, and I responded to a very famous photoshop artist requesting an assistant in Las Vegas and I got to play assistant for a week and make a new friend and learn a whole bunch of new tricks. :)


    1. Wow, wish I had such luck….oh, hey, hi Doug! lol

      BTW, what have you done w/ Dylan (or is it Dylon?)? Haven’t seen him make an appearance lately.

  5. I have became addicted to Twitter, not only is a great way to keep yourself informed but it also inspired me to keep growing as a photographer; I was at a point where I thought it was as far as I ould get in that field, school has been impossible for me and I knew the only way to continue with my photography was by interacting with other photographers but they were no where to be found out there. Until I got into Twitter. I have met many photographers not too far from me, some not so close but full of ideas and knowledge to share, thanks to that, I have decided to pursue that dream (further).

    Thanks to Doug and all the other photographers that share their knowledge and inspire through Twitter.

  6. I like to look through your blog every now and again for great lighting tips and just to see what you are up to! I have had a twitter account for 3 years and just started using it a few months ago. I was lucky enough to meet you and several other great photographers who I admire, not only for the work that they do but for the people they truly are! You’re an awesome spirit Doug, keep being you!

  7. It’s a great way for me to keep up with and stay connected with all the Wonderful Machine photographers! Also, I’ve found/recruited some great photographers that I would have never known about had it not been for Twitter. Also like seeing reading tweets Douglas!

  8. I am very new to twitter. But in the month or so that I have had It I have connected with fellow shooters, been turned on to new talent, found clients and been hugely inspired by the people I follow and vise versa. It is an incredible tool for reaching new people and even making new friends as you said. So far I am quite happy with it. Don’t know what took me so long!

  9. I am a late adopter to twitter, but the main thing I have drawn from it is knowledge and inspiration from the amazing talent I follow. I need to post more work on it though, as well as more effectively market the brand I can trying to create for myself.

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