My Photoshoot With Pop Star Jessie J

Single gridded beauty dish on subject for main light and slight fill light on the left side facing the piano. This shot looks great printed big! Converted the color image to black and white using Nik Silver Efx Pro 2 and Nik Viveza 2. The Viveza plugin helped bring out more detail in the piano.

I had a great shoot the other week in New York City with the pop star Jessie J. She’s huge in the UK with a number 1 album over there, and her music is starting to make a big impact in the United States. You may have caught her on shows like Saturday Night Live or Ellen recently.

I only had about 15 to 20 minutes for this entire shoot and I was trying to accomplish 3 completely different setups in that narrow window, while also warming up and communicating with my subject and also getting my lighting as perfect as possible. Things moved so quickly that I had to rehearse the mental checklist of things that I needed to accomplish with each setup (lighting adjustments, lens selection, portrait subject interaction, etc). Thankfully Jessie was a pro and very easy to connect with.

I think I’m pretty pleased how everything came out! Let me know what you think. You can see a few of these images big on my photography website: CLICK

Keep updated on my unique shoots and behind the scenes:

Lighting is single x1600 white lighting with large softbox and thats it believe it or not. Used Nik software Viveza 2 to even out the white tones in the background quickly and easily.

Ring flash! Nice and easy. No time to be fancy. I used what was simple and works quickly, especially in a tight hallway.


4 thoughts on “My Photoshoot With Pop Star Jessie J”

  1. I am a mature student doing final year at university – I liked your images for the simple fact, that in regards to lighting you used the principle which I have finally succumbed to that ‘less is more’. Images are lovely and crisped.

    Peace and Love

  2. Wonderful Photos. Great descriptions of the setup & processing of the photos. You are the best, keep the tweets coming!!! Huge fan of your work! NIK will be getting all of my extra cash…(if you had a tip jar; would deposit) :-)

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