New iPad Photography Portfolio Case By Lost Luggage

Finally! A place to put my iPad when presenting my work to clients. Lost Luggage has debuted their new frosted clear iPad enclosure and felt sleeve. The ipad enclosure, not including the sleeve, is $195 and is etchable and printable if you want to put a name or custom logo on there. Sure, that may seem like a lot for an iPad case, BUT for those of us using the iPad as a portfolio piece, this is one of the best options for a case to show clients in my opinion. Also, the cost of a base model iPad with this case and sleeve is STILL less than what it costs to make one of my 11×14 print books. I will be ordering one of these puppies this week!

A revolutionary way to present your work Рthe new Lost Luggage iPad 2 case. Here at Lost Luggage we embrace the evolution of presentation as a means to showcase your work to clients with the most efficiency and the most impact. Our new iPad 2 case features the signature stylings of Lost Luggage products, including our trademarked hinge configuration combined with our most popular materials. The most distinctive feature is that the base, which is milled from an eco-friendly paper resin, is manufactured in the same way as the iPad 2 itself. As we usher into a new era of presentation, the Lost Luggage iPad 2 case will allow you to create a customized presentation indicative of the changing world of photography. РLost Luggage

On a side note, I went to an ad agency meeting that wanted to see my work this week. I brought my iPad and a print portfolio. They didn’t want to even SEE my print book, they were content with the digital version of my book. Found that pretty interesting. I will continue to bring a print book on these meetings, though, because some still prefer it.

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  1. How do you like your iPad case? I’m wondering since it’s made out of a compressed paper material whether it’s durable enough.

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