THIS Is Why I Love Lamborghini

vimeo Direkt

Check out this beautiful advertisement for the new Lamborghini Aventador. Talk about incredibly sexy! WOW! I love Lamborghini’s ads. They make me feel like a little kid again.

Also, see other Lamborghini Gallardo ads below. Make sure to watch these in HD!

YouTube Direkt
vimeo Direkt

3 Responses to “THIS Is Why I Love Lamborghini”

  1. Wow. That makes really really want one. I was just watching the first video like a monkey with my mouth open.

  2. AlexFrame says:

    I feel very neutral to cars, i do not know why)
    For me between new car and new lens i will choose lens)

  3. JQ says:

    Looks even sexier dirty!

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