Remember Your Photography Friends – R.I.T. Edition

Heather Johnson, Nicole Sommer, Chad Griffith, Prof. Doug Manchee, Prof. Denis Defibaugh, & myself up front (left to right). I blame this photo concept and execution on Chad Griffith.

Last week, I was in New York City meeting up with old classmates from the Rochester Institute of Technology class of 2004 (Advertising Photo Department). Well, let me step back. The initial point of the get-together was for some of us 2004 grads to talk with a group of current RIT photo majors and offer various bits of career advice as most of them enter the “real world” at the end of the semester. One bit of advice that seemed to resonate was, keep close with your fellow photography students because you will be a resource to each other as your careers develop and grow. This was very true in my experience. I know I leaned on my friends for advice, couches to sleep on, volunteer assistants when I had no budget to spend, backup gear when mine died or didn’t show up on a flight, collaboration, and even jobs! I believe this philosophy is important to maintain throughout your career. Wether you went to photo school or not, be thankful and appreciative of your fellow-photographer friends. You never know when you’ll need to lean on them for resources or just help.

(left to right) Michael Turek & Chad Griffith talk to the seniors. Photo taken with iPhone Pano

I am proud to say that many of my old 2004 alum college classmates are doing very well and their incredible talents are shining through today (I’ll post some links to their sites below). We had a blast catching up and I am very thankful for the various ways we have helped each other over the years. As photographers in the 21th century, we are all standing on the edge of an ever expanding digital frontier and we really do need each other to survive in this increasingly competitive market.

Some of my R.I.T. photography major alumni friends you should check out (in no particular order).

Such incredible talent. Check them out. You will be inspired:

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