18 Imaginative Thinkers Break Your Creative Block – Luke Copping Blog Post

My old college buddy and photographer Luke Copping put together an amazing blog post with 18 creative industry professionals (myself included) writing about ways to keep creatively inspired. It’s a fantastic read and every one of us should read it to get their minds going.

“It seems that I drift in and out of creative ruts all the time, but in an interesting way, I don’t get into a rut and stop creating work. In fact, I work and shoot prolifically when I am in a rut, it’s just that I think that a lot of the work I create during these periods is utter crap. It’s times like these that I have to take a good long look at myself in the mirror and remind myself that sometimes I suck, and that sometimes it’s okay to suck.

It is not that this work is necessarily bad per se, but it does not meet the standards that I have set for myself, I can see mistakes and errors everywhere that others may not, flaws in concept and execution abound and it makes me mad and frustrated – and then something amazing happens….

I get mad and frustrated to a point that I break the cycle, I shoot something new, just for myself, or push myself in a new direction and pull myself out of the pattern. Oftentimes I find that after one of these brief periods I am working a higher level of output and quality than I was before the creative dissatisfaction set in. You plateau and push yourself and reach new highs, eventually you plateau again and push yourself higher yet again, learning from your mistakes and developing your sense of yourself and your art. Thinking something you did sucks is fine if it helps push you to create something that doesn’t suck – I think we all go through creative cycles like this, but all deal with them in different ways. Here are a few small ways I try to prevent myself slipping into these moods at inopportune times…” Read the rest HERE

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