Robots On The Move – Photoshop Retouching Contest Results


One of the entries by Filip Osowski

As you may recall, I announced that I was having my first photoshop retouching contest a week and a half ago. This contest went incredibly-well and got some great entries from around the globe that ranged from amazing to hilarious (see above). Great job everyone and look for the next contest coming soon!

You can click any of the images to see full-sized.

I had a hard time choosing which was my favorite. There was a lot of incredible talent worthy of being showcased. After much deliberation I did come up with the winner of the contest (see below). The entry paid excellent attention to detail and it told an imaginative story:


Entry by Clint Davis

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts about the winning entry by Clint Davis.

Here are some of the other notable entries that I enjoyed and are worth posting (see below the page break):

Another entry by Filip Osowski ( This was definitely nearly a tie for first and a valiant effort.


Entry by Scott Barman ( Click image to see full-sized slightly not safe for work image. Red boxes added for your safety and comedic effect.
Entry by John Flynn


Entry by Israel Groveman ( I love the color treatment and the stormy clouds.
Ivory Lawrence ( KNEW my love of Robocop...
A valiant and humorous attempt by Mike Blevins
Entry by Eru Avila


9 thoughts on “Robots On The Move – Photoshop Retouching Contest Results”

  1. Woohoo!!! Thanks Douglas! It was a real treat to have permission to edit one of your photos. I’ve been biting my nails and I’m excited that you chose my edit as the winner. Now if we could just visit Planet SondÃ¥, I bet it’s filled with hot models, perfect lighting and Bentleys everywhere.

  2. Congrats Clint, great job! Lots of fun having a chance to work on your image Douglas, thanks. Here’s to everyone staying really busy in 2011 and beyond. Cheers, John

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