Shooting Lexus Advertisements in Charlotte, North Carolina And Driving Fast Cars

Here are a couple of [client-approved] proofs from Lexus advertisements I shot in North Carolina for the automotive advertising agency client Tier 10 Marketing under the supervision of Creative Director & Tier 10 partner Scott Rodgers.

That agency puts out some great stuff and I love working with them. Scott is a great art director , easy to work with, and loaded with cool ideas. Scott is reading this right now and writing my check. Haha, I joke I joke. But seriously, we had a blast shooting this campaign. Got to drive around the new high-powered Lexus IS-F for the day and enjoy the nice weather in the South. Man, it was a quiet early Winter (as it always is) but as the temperature heats up, so has my schedule. Wow. It has been non-stop rock and roll. Shoots in LA and Vegas for 10 days, back to DC for a few commercial and advertising shoots (including an awesome one for Discovery Channel), then Charlotte, then NYC, then DC, then Vegas again. Whew! I love it.

I could get used to this car. Snap by assistant Sonny Nguyen

Needs so more cleaning up, but this is a single image! If you plan out your lighting, life becomes much easier.


A peek behind the curtain while setting up. Sometimes simple and straightforward lighting is enough!


2 Responses to “Shooting Lexus Advertisements in Charlotte, North Carolina And Driving Fast Cars”

  1. Clint Davis says:

    So close yet so far! You work fast, already popping up proofs on the website? Already looking sweet, and can’t wait to see the finals.

    • admin says:

      The ad client is all about social media sharing so this is right up their alley. Churning out “approved” proofs is cool with them. I love it

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