My New York City Photography Workshop To Be Held February 27, 2011

It’s official, my next workshop will be held in the New York City area February 27, 2011. It appears the location will be in an awesome drive-in studio in the Brooklyn area (finalizing location this week). My last workshop was a huge success and look forward to sharing with a new group in a new city.

Learn editorial/advertising lighting in-studio & on-location, self-marketing, win free photo gear, and even ask questions to myself and my professional retoucher. Only $300 to spend the day in a drive-in studio with a car, models, and loads of fun lighting equipment.

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Who am I? Why take a workshop from me?

If you are new to my blog/website/work, I am a commercial/editorial photographer and filmmaker that spends a lot of time on the road shooting unique and challenging projects. I’ve lived on rock and roll tour busses, ridden on tanks, hung out of helicopters feet from the ground chasing race vehicles, raced Lamborghinis, run around the White House, made Lenny Kravitz blush, swam in the grotto… all in the pursuit of my fun professional photography photoshoot adventures. You may have seen my work in your favorite magazines or album covers, possibly a billboard or two, maybe even on television.

I’ve been profiled in PDN (Photo District News) a few times for my photography, and had a nice piece done about my on-location lighting techniques (LINK – September 2008) in the magazine. I’ve also been named one of Washington D.C.’s “top creative innovators” and one of D.C.’s most influential under 40 for the film work my video company does.

I’ve travelled hundred’s of thousands of miles over the years on jobs and have learned how to make shoots work no matter what unforeseen situation pops up (and they will, trust me). I am sure this workshop will be a unique and enlightening experience for you as I share my knowledge “from the road.”

If you haven’t already been to my website:

vimeo Direkt
Click the image to see Photo District News article on my unique lighting

Who would best benefit from this workshop?

You should have a good understanding of photography. You should know how to change the white balance, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO on your digital SLR. It’s ok if you aren’t a lighting expert, though, because you will learn the fundamentals as well as advanced techniques from this workshop with the assistance of our lovely models. In addition, I will touch on photography business/marketing practices that should help new professionals, as well as those that have already been shooting for awhile. Knowledgable amateurs to advanced photographers will wall away with fresh useful information. Don’t take my word for it, see the testimonials below.

Don’t forget the great photography swag giveaways and special surprises that will be announced in the coming days!

What have past attendees of my workshop said?

  • “I really enjoyed learning about the more complex lighting situations and mostly all the business advice you offered.”
  • “Being a student and a relatively new shooter I was worried I’d be lost at your lecture, but was following along fine. I had a blast there. It was great seeing Juelles and Bryce model and you answer our questions about previous shoots. I really appreciated my one-on-one conversations with you about business. That’s the one area that I was rather clueless about. I now have a better understanding about approaching my business after talking with you guys.”
  • “You’re continued generosity and attitude on the biz is inspiring. It has always been a treat to see you perform and I am sure it will continue to be as much. You’ve exposed me to a lot of great techniques over the past year and the past weekend. Saturday was definitely one of the most in-depth photo experiences I’ve ever had. I think strobing is a valuable tool that most people discount because they have a notion that its price of entry is too high. You’ve demonstrated otherwise and it has motivated me to pursue photography further when I otherwise wouldn’t have. The excitement that you generated Saturday is still running through me and I’ve been assembling a small business plan for a side venture into photography in addition to my video plans.”
  • “Thanks so much for sharing your particular genius with all of us! Got a ton of information and made some contacts that I know will help me along in transitioning my creative passion from hobby to business. Witnessing your process with lighting set-ups and how you analyze a shot with such detail, then bring it into post was a privilege. Your passion, willingness to share your journey, and how you connect with people is I’m sure what sets you apart and has made you so successful.”
  • “I attended the Douglas Sonders photography workshop on Saturday January 8th, 2011 and for attending I received a free ThinkTank memory card wallet and a redemption coupon for a gift with my next purchase.  Being a new shooter in the photography industry any free accessories I receive are very appreciated, so thank you for the contribution to the workshop.  The combination of Douglas’s ability to teach his craft and the products we received made this the best workshop I have attended.”
  • “I had a great time at the workshop. Coming from someone that’s trying to tap into photography and learn as much as I can, it was very informative. I think everyone walked away with learning more about you and more about lighting. I wanted to also say that the giveaways were really cool. I think it was an overall success. Once again, thanks for having me. Looking forward to the next one.”

What to expect from the workshop:

  • Time for Q&A about photography business practices, marketing, business/photo software, professional photoshoot protocol, and of course sharing fun photoshoot stories.
  • Learn the best way to utilize your DSLR’s features to create your desired effect (color, depth of field, motion)
  • Learn creative strobe lighting techniques with limited amounts of equipment. Not everyone can afford to have 4+ strobes on set for a shoot. Learn to make the most with 1-3 strobes on a limited budget / limited equipment availability.
  • Learn more advanced lighting portrait setups in-studio and outside (if weather permits). Because it’s a drive-in studio, may have an awesome surprise exotic 4-wheeled subject to work with on set.
  • Workshop members will receive exclusive coupons, swag, and giveaways from camera gear sponsors. As of now, we have awesome giveaways from Phase One (giving away 1 new Capture Pro 6 software, a $399 value!), Blinkbid photo business software discounts, Think Tank Bags, Ona Bags & more to be announced in the coming days!
  • My retoucher Justin Paguia will be on set to answer some questions as well.
  • Catering will be provided
  • Check back for more surprises to be announced soon!

I want you to walk out the door at the end of the day a better photographer.

The workshop starts at 10:00am and should go approximately 7-8 hours

Cost for the workshop is only $300 and limited space is available!

You just need to bring your DSLR, something to take notes with, and an open mind.

You can reserve your spot via Paypal by clicking this link (make sure to include your email address):

From the last workshop I held in the Washington D.C. area:

The last workshop group
Some of the free swag and giveaways from our amazing sponsors from the last workshop. Expect more in the new workshop.

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  1. So bummed I’ll miss your NYC workshop–sounds like it will be an incredible learning experience for photogs at all levels. Don’t know how you manage to orchestrate these events with your busy schedule, but hope I can be there next time. Cheers!

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