Video Projects & Updates (Week of December 27, 2010) – Mya And Cedric Gervais Video

Im holding the Red Cinema Camera we used on recent Mya / Cedric Gervais music video

You may have seen my 8112 Studios production company co-founder, Nicholas Cambata, and myself on ABC & NBC News discussing our most recent music video project with Mya and Cedric Gervais. You may recall my post from the other day about casting for this project. The song is called “Love Is The Answer” and will be out soon.

Mya, Nicholas, and myself (Left to Right) being interviewed for ABC News on our first day of filming
Myself, Mya, Cedric Gervais, and Nicholas (left to right)

Washington D.C.’s CBS affiliate also posted an article about us (8112 Studios) on their website last week as well:

Just off her charitable weekend in the District, Grammy Award Winning Mýa was back in Washington this week to bring a little Hollywood to our Nation’s Capitol with her new music video,“Love is the Answer”. When seeking where and who would shoot her video … 8112 studios was the obvious “answer” to the singer.  “It is important for me to continue to put D.C. on the map because DC is where I come from, these are my roots which have molded me and influenced me so I love to bring attention and notoriety to my hometown.  D.C. is traditionally associated with just politics but D.C. has so much more.  D.C. has great restaurants, nightlife, great art and a melting pot of culture.  D.C. is the next market to blow up,” said Mýa.

Mýa will join a long list of A-list celebrities who have recently revolved inside of 8112 studios, from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber.  8112 recently won its first MTV award for best dance video for Ian Carey’s “Get Shaky”.  This will be the third music video project for a major artist or record label that 8112 Studios has brought to Washington, DC within a six month period.  8112 Studios casted locally and enlisted Washington area businesses to provide services or merchandize for the music video.  The video will take place in D.C.’s Lima Lounge. Charm Georgetown will be providing accessories and Sam Kavenchy of Kavenchy Salon and his staff will provide hair and make-up styling for Mýa and the supporting cast. Mercedes Benz USA is providing a Maybach 57.

“Love is the Answer”, is an upbeat dance/house track and is a departure from Mýa’s past R&B records. “In the past, I have had dance remixes to my singles that have a upbeat house feel and I always wanted to do a whole album.  So I thought what better time than now where record labels and audiences are a little more open to unconventional music,” said Mýa.

She collaborates her vocals with world renowned producer Cedric Gervais, who was a fan of her work and sought to work with her.  His production credits include working with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Deep Dish, Steve Lawler, and Rachel Star, just to name a few. Currently, Cedric is working on his highly anticipated second album, “Miamication” expected for release soon.

When asked when we can expect a performance of the new single in Washington,  Mýa coyly said with her signature smile, “It may be sooner than you think”.

Mya on our set discussing with NBC the video project and about working with us :)

More after the break… also did a story on our video company and the shoot itself:

NORTHWEST — Washington’s bold and beautiful are intimately familiar with the K Street hotspot known as LIMA Restaurant & Lounge. However, the three-tiered venue was injected with an even larger dose of glamour on Wednesday, in serving as the backdrop for the latest Mya and Cedric Gervais music video project titled “Love is The Answer”.

A decidedly homespun D.C. collaboration, last week’s production saw the locally-based 8112 Studios team takeover virtually every nook and cranny of the popular nighttime destination for a marathon 20+ hour video shoot.

Founded in 2008 by Nicholas Cambata and Douglas Sonders, the duo behind 8112 wasted no time in establishing themselves as two of the city’s “most creative innovators” (Washington Life Magazine, November 2010), having collaborated with everyone from Lady Gaga to Kaskade.

Indeed, the “Love is The Answer” music video production represents the third music video for a major artist or record label that 8112 has brought to the District in the last six months alone! In so doing, “Nick” and “Doug”, as they’re known to friends (of which they have thousands), have become the city’s de facto creative ambassadors to Hollywood.

Wednesday’s whirlwind shoot at LIMA was the project’s second and final day of production, with the first filmed the day before inside the plush interior of the very first 2011 Maybach 57 (street value $~400,000) ever to grace U.S. streets — a production coup months in the making arranged by Mercedes-Benz USA and EuroMotorcars Bethesda.

But with 200 extras and a dozen or so different scenery changes, LIMA clearly represented 8112’s Everest. The venue’s tasteful ground and upper floors, normally packed with happy customers at night, were temporarily littered with case after case of expensive camera and lighting equipment the day of filming.

For purposes of the production, LIMA’s ground floor served as the setting for the video’s “performance pieces” (think dance routines) while the second floor’s exclusive VIP are
a, known simply as VETRO (Italian for “glass”), functioned as the backdrop for all of the “club shots.”

Sam Kavenchy‘s Kavenchy Spa Salon and M Street’s Wink boutique, the project’s respective hair/makeup and clothing sponsors, ensured that Mya and all of the extras exuded elements of both style and sophistication throughout Wednesday’s shoot (Neiman Marcus’ Mazza Gallerie location outfitted Mya during the Maybach scene), while Charm Georgetown provided all of the gleaming accessories featured throughout the production.

With the “Love is The Answer” song originally inspired by Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley‘s NoH8 Campaign (and serving as its official theme song), 8112’s treatment for the video portrays Mya and Cedric on a mission to spread love and unity throughout a divided world.

Based on the creativity, teamwork, and, dare we say it, love (hugs and high-fives were liberally doled out at the 3:30 a.m. finish), on display during last week’s music video shoot, I think it’s finally safe to again say, “Mission accomplished.”

“Love is The Answer” is produced by Cedric Gervais and will be released next month under the Ultra Records imprint.

Also, I want send a special shoutout to Mercedes Benz USA and Mike Lugo and Eric Scott of Euro Motorcars Bethesda, MD for arranging and delivering us the first 2011 Maybach 57 in the United States (see photo below) in time for our video shoot. It’s not every day a major manufacturer just gives you one of the world’s most luxurious $400,000+ sedan for free!

Thanks Mercedes USA for donating a free $400,000+ prop vehicle for our shoot! The 2011 Maybach 57 is epic!

When this video is edited and done I will have a million thank you messages to post (forgive me if I missed any names this round!)… from our amazing DP John Vallon, to our clothing styling team (Poodle Pushers), Howard Lee of EPG PR who helped arranged clothing sponsors like Charm and WINK, our dedicated publicist Pergrin Pervez, our talented behind the scenes video producer Addison Wright, associate producer Shawn Lucas of, our set builder Ed Mantell, our grip Louise Hernon, our AD Gavin Perettiour, and our hard-working army of PA’s, and Sam Kavenchy for hair/makeup and donating his salon for casting and pre-styling.

Myself, our DP John Vallon, and Nicholas discuss our scenes

Mount two 4 foot kino flo tubes next to your lens and voila, a home-made ring-light effect!
Can't reveal too much from the set, but I will say, managing a set with 200 extras in tight quarters sure isnt easy! Our AD Gavin Peretti (maroon shirt botton of frame) is up to the challenge. Thankfully we were all having fun...until the 20th hour of filming came around...haha.
Set photo by Pergrin Pervez. And they were dancing on a break!

The footage took a day to render, but it looks AMAZING! Come back soon to see more updates!

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