Jack Bauer, Your Camera/Laptop Bag Is Here – ONA Union Street Bag Review

ONA started their bag company by creating a camera bag made for the lady photographer, by a lady photographer (it looked like a stylish purse). They are expanding their bag line by introducing their new Union Street camera & laptop bag, which is more styled for the man-photographer (as I quietly beat my chest with my fists in an ape-like display of photo-masculinity) but certainly could be used by women as well.

If you wanted to skip the reading part I did a short video review (see below) of the bag. Otherwise continue on!

vimeo Direkt

I took delivery of the “Ranger Tan” bag model last week (see their file photo above) and have been using it to carry my 15″ Mac Pro Laptop, 5D Mark 2 with vertical grip, and 3 lenses. My first impression was that this bag is absolutely beautiful. I’ll admit it, I put it on right away and looked in the mirror and felt like Jack Bauer, the main character from Fox’s TV show “24,” if he was a badass trouble-making photographer. YEEEEAAAHHHH! Jack’s character had a similar-looking canvas messenger bag in the show.

Screen caps of the character Jack Bauer and his sweet messenger bag

The bag has a main compartment for the camera, laptop and lenses/larger accessories. There is a smaller front zip compartment for items like card readers, power adapter, business cards, kindle, cell phone, etc. There is a sleeve on the back of the bag for a magazine or two. The bag itself has been designed to carry a DSLR (with or without vertical grip), up to 3 lenses, and a 15″ laptop. The exterior is made of premium waxed canvas, leather, and brass buckles and clasps. The bag overall exudes quality and style with fantastic build quality.

Based on the size, I would not use this particular bag on a regular job because I need too much gear on-set, but is great for weekend/day trips and meetings. I never was a briefcase guy myself and this suits my personality well I think. Sure, at $279, there are other laptop/camera bag options that may be cheaper from competitors, but in my opinion, none that look and feel as stylish and well-built/designed as the Union Street. I would keep a lookout for ONA, I think you will be hearing a lot more about them in the future.

The bag's main compartment

The front pouch

The back of the bag and magazine/paper pouch

The Union Street is on sale now and starts shipping today, December 8, 2011.

Check out ONA’s website here: http://www.onabags.com/

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10 Responses to “Jack Bauer, Your Camera/Laptop Bag Is Here – ONA Union Street Bag Review”

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  2. iphon family says:

    How comfortable is this bag fully loaded? I now a computrekker backpack loaded with this much gear is pretty heavy and the backpack shoulder straps help a lot in distributing the weight. Having this bag fully loaded, is it still fairly comfortable to carry around for extended periods of time with just the single shoulder strap?

  3. Warren says:

    Thanks! I’ve ordered one…but trying to figure out if it will hold a d700+vertical grip+70-200 f/2.8 attached. Would remove the computer divider to do so…Thanks!

  4. Mark Olwick says:

    Starts shipping in December 2011????

  5. I really like these types of handbag! I have one to store my laptop (I am a tafe student) and my gadgets… it’s incredibly strong and I agree that it looks incredible cool too – I think that’s a cool bonus! To people who could be seeking to get one, I give them five stars!

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  7. Sara says:

    can I buy online this laptop/camera bag? if yes how? kindly email me.

  8. Sara says:

    need a bag for 16″ laptop and nikon d7000..

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