My Portrait Session With Musician Ne-Yo

Had a brief photoshoot with the musician Ne-Yo for a commercial client. Was given a total of about 15 minutes or less for the entire portrait session, but nothing I’m not used to. This first portrait was shot using entirely Kino-Flo lighting. I love shooting with Kinos when I am able. Creates a cool soft lighting and I’m able to shoot shallow depth of field without need neutral density filters.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with Ne-Yo, here is one of his most recent hit songs “Beautiful Monster”:

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Behind the scenes


Shot this with strobes using a beauty dish main light (camera right), 2 rectangular softboxes as catchlights on either side and behind Ne-Yo, a ring light on my camera for slight fill, and a fill card (camera left).


Shot this with kino-flo as well. As you can see I burned in the reflection on his sunglasses. I thought to leave some of the reflection in there for realism, but I may decide to remove it entirely. What do you think?


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