Manhattan Rooftop Portrait At Night

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Here is a rooftop portrait I took a couple weeks back of music manager Paul Gasparrini from a New York City rooftop on a beautiful night. The clouds were thick and low creating an eerie glow in the sky. I took these images without tripod and without any lights. Just took some controlled breathing, slow shutter speeds, and leaning against solid objects for stability. No serious photoshopping happening above, just some dodging and burning. Burned using the “shadow” setting on the city buildings and the “midtones” setting on the sky. I think I would like to do more rooftop photos of the city at night in the near future. Landscape photography has never really been my thing, but you have to shake it up sometimes, right?

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93 thoughts on “Manhattan Rooftop Portrait At Night”

  1. This is seriously the most breath taking picture I’ve ever seen. Great job!!! I love NYC and the big cities bright lights were perfectly captured

  2. Absolutely surreal! The shot of that view is mesmerizing!
    Every aspect of it from his refection to the way you captured the eeriness of that sky
    makes it a classic New York moment.
    Is that the West Side!?
    This could actually pass for The King of New York Part II
    movie advertisement.

  3. This picture is phenominal. The way the image is gleaming back from the glass is amazing. I love the backdrop of the angry skies and the big city lights. Great job!!

  4. Those are very nice photos Douglas. I took a similar photo overlooking Manhattan and the Hudson River from the top of the Jersey City Hyatt.

    I love the way you’ve captured that unreal glow in your second shot.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I have been to NYC 5 times. It’s an amazing city and your shot shows it. This guy from the Canadian prairies can’t wait to visit again. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

  6. Are these taken from the Top of the Rock? I was just there this summer, taking shots of the skyline–what a breathtaking view. It’s hard to capture the experience in a photograph because when you’re actually there, there’s something special about it being all around you. Still, these are beautiful.

  7. Thank you for capturing the other-worldliness of Manhattan. In the few years I had lived there, I can’t recall a time of day or night when I wasn’t awed by its sense of unreality.

    I had watched the city wrapped in mist as if sinking into a legend from an insulated window looking East. I saw the opaque sky ripped like a dome, letting out heavy vapors that suffused the horizon. And through the mist from the same window, I watched it move in the wind, and sniffed its aroma from hairline cracks. But I could not decide whether I lived the legend or the dream.

  8. The portrait evokes a moody, thoughtful tone–quite a few variables to juggle, from your description. Then the color shot; there are landscapes and then there are landscapes…

    Please feel free to check out my photos/designs at


  9. I like the photo of Paul Gasparrini, and was especially glad to see someone other than me shoots with nothing other than a steady hand. Folks are frequently trying to tell me my flash didnt go off, as if this is some revelation. If the light is perfect, why ruin it? It’s amazing what you can get without anything but patience.

  10. I love the feeling of accomplishment in this photo. I’m about to start the process of trying to attain a writing internship in NYC this spring with an advertising agency/PR firm/magazine, etc. and if someone asked me “Where do you want to be in 10 years?” THIS picture could sum it up. Right now, I love pictures of New York at ground level, since I’ll be so new to the city when I (hopefully) move there after graduation, and after becoming a New Yorker and living to every extent in the city through my career, I want to look down on the skyline and feel my accomplishment.

    Great photo

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  12. As an inspiring Photogragher, I love learning about how to take Great pictures…
    I love the NY Scenery..
    I am also a Friend of Daniela and Eddie and the kids….

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