Photoshoot In A Junkyard With Model Nora Sommerkamp

Here is a fun little photoshoot I did in a junkyard in Maryland a couple of months ago with model Nora Sommerkamp. We were going for a post-apocalyptic vibe. What do you think?

This shoot was done by a team of friends “just for fun.” We had a blast. Even met the biggest raccoon I have ever seen as the sun began to set. I named him “Bitey.”

My team for the shoot:

Clothing Styling: Tara Papanicolas

Model: Nora Sommerkamp

Makeup/Hair: Lauren Clark

Assistant/behind the scenes photos: Jonathan Thorpe

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Snapping the first photo above. Shot this with a beauty disk and large softbox (see the photo below)


Shot this with a single "strobist" 580ex without light-modifier held above the model by an assistant to get the stark contrast in the lighting


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