Back To The Future DeLorean Photoshoot – Update Part 3

Another photo from the Back to The Future DeLorean photoshoot I did this summer I thought you guys may enjoy with my female Marty McFly, Emily Nolan.

Also, for those of you that haven’t seen my recent Scott Kelby guest blog, I posted a time-lapse video of the retouching done on the original Back To The Future DeLorean photo I posted before (see below). Enjoy!

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vimeo Direkt
The original edited photo
Assistant Filip sits in for a photo
Getting the pyro prepped. Don't try this at home folks.

One thought on “Back To The Future DeLorean Photoshoot – Update Part 3”

  1. The time lapse video! OMG you are awesome! please could i be in that picture… Been watchin BTTF since i was 4 have to be one of the biggest fans! keep up the good work!

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