Sunflower Field Model Portrait Shoot With Behind The Scenes Video

You may recall THIS POST from last week or so, where I introduced this photoshoot I did in a sunflower field in the DC area. I am really pleased how everything from this shoot is coming together. I already added the above image to the main page of my website :)

I am enjoying working on more “beauty” projects this summer. If you like this shoot, I think you’re going to love what I have coming out over the next few weeks. Make sure to stay tuned to my website and my blog for updates!

I reposted some behind the scenes from the previous post below in case you missed it.  My model, Juelles Chester, did an amazing job keeping the energy level going in the 100 degree heat. My makeup artist, Jenna Marie Streitenfeld, kept everyone from melting and made Juelles truly glow. My retoucher, Justin Paguia, really knows my style and how to pull my shoot elements together and make them shine after years of us working together.

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vimeo Direkt

Here I am taking the above photo. I vow never to turn my hat backwards again. Ok, maybe not.
Photo of the setup. 3 strobes (1000 watt main light with a large softbox & two 600 watt catch lights with 7" reflectors and bard doors attached) , one fill reflector, a 3000 watt generator, and a lot of friendly bees.
Jenna & Juelles catching some rays to make a little fill light.
Another edited image from the shoot.
Updated and up on my photography portfolio website if you haven't visited it yet. Just click the photo.

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  1. I *love* the candid shot with the lightboard :) so sweet! You all are such a stellar team and I love seeing your work.

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