Dj Geometrix – Early Morning Rooftop Photoshoot

Did this rooftop photoshoot in Arlington, Virginia last week of DJ Geometrix. The light is always incredible when you start shooting at 7am and the adrenaline pumping keeps you going.

It’s always easy when you only have one willing victim subject to work with in such a cool modern-looking location. Dj Geometrix was a great sport.

I kept most of my lighting setups to 2 lights (one main, and one fill/catch) to keep it easy because the rising sun / ambient light to work with was incredible.

Thanks to one of my regular makeup artists, Lauren Clark, for her help.

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Shooting with beauty dish w/out diffusion as main light & catch light in the back with barn doors
Slightly desaturated the image, added contrast for pop, used a warming filter in post, and burned in a vignette

Used beauty dish as the main light and a large softbox as a fill with the sun rising behind the subject
iPhone 4 photo from our rooftop location in Arlington Virginia. You can see Reagan National Airport and planes taking off as the sun rises

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