Fun In New York City – Shooting Acura Advertisements

What am I doing? Oh you know, parking new Acuras in the new "no vehicles allowed" pedestrian area & shooting an ad.

Oh man, I had a blast in New York City this past weekend. Took some sweet shots of the new Acura MDX and ZDX for some new print and web advertisements for the agency Tier 10 Marketing. One of the agency’s partners, Scott Rodgers, supervised and art-directed the photoshoot.

The client needed photos of Acuras with key Manhattan locales in the background. You’ll notice two assistants holding 1 strobe each with a Vagabond II battery pack and radio receiver. The sky was perfect, the rain held off and left a perfect gray sky.

Shooting in front of the St. Regis Hotel at 5th Avenue. What traffic?

Look who filming for "Bull Run" next door to us! Kim Kardashian sighting

Cannot wait to show you the edited shots!

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2 thoughts on “Fun In New York City – Shooting Acura Advertisements”

  1. Always nice to read photography blogs dealing with cars. Also I love the locations. I wish we had some blocked off places around this part of North Carolina lol…either way thanks for posting these BTS :-)

    Ive been following for a while…and this is my first comment :)


    PS…I will be commenting even more :-)

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