Something New – Model in Sunflower Field Photoshoot Preview

iPhone 4g photo of my screen

Just had a fun shoot in a sunflower field near my office with an amazing makeup artist and model. I can’t wait to retouch these! It was totally worth the heatstroke from the 100+ degree Washington DC day. Here are a few teasers of the essentially unedited shots.

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6 thoughts on “Something New – Model in Sunflower Field Photoshoot Preview”

  1. great photos…look forward to seeing more.
    were these shot with the WL’s? what modifier did you choose to use here?

    hope you are surviving the heat! ;)

    1. Thanks! Used a large softbox mounted to a White Lightning 3200 strobe as a main light with a white reflector below the model as a fill and 2 white lightning 1600 strobes with barn doors behind and to the left and right of the model to be used as catch. Check out the behind the scenes photos I just posted. I have video I will post when the photo is edited as well. Thanks for following!

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