Great iPhone Photography Applications – iPhone 4G Release Edition

Just buy your first iPhone or just upgrade to the sweet new iPhone 4G? You will notice right away that the 3Gs and especially the 4G have pretty fantastic camera systems packed into those narrow little cases. So now you’re wondering, what photo applications should I buy? Fear not! Here are a few of my personal favorites to get you started (click the app titles to visit their websites):

  • Shakeitphoto – polaroid for your iPhone. It is the easiest to use and highest quality polaroid film emulator for your iPhone I have found to date. You can take a fresh new photo or choose an existing photo from your library and have it made into a cool square-format polaroid.

Taken with shakeitphoto

David Guetta show in Chicago

  • Tiltshiftgen – Fantastic tilt shift lens emulator. You can choose either a circular or straight line selective focus effect, amount of tilt-shift blur, variable vignette effect, saturation/desaturation slider settings, brightness, and contrast. I love this app because all of the settings are easily adjustable and it really creates some beautiful images.

Taken with the iPhone 4G and tiltshiftgen app

Modified first with tiltgiftgen and then shakeitphoto

  • Pano for iPhone – This is a great application for creating panoramic images with your iPhone. You start with one photo, and it uses guides to have you rotate and take the next image to stitch together. You can take as make photos in a row as you would like and the app will stitch them together when you’re done snapping away!

Check in next week and I will have some more great iPhone photography applications for you!

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  1. joanrbada says:

    buena aplicacion la desconocia
    un saludo desde Vilalba dels Arcs Spain

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