Hello iPhone 4! Thanks For The Riots?

Taken with the iPhone 4G and tiltshiftgen app (click the image to see it full-size)
click the photo to see it full-size

As most of us already know, iPhone 4 ordering day was a mess. I tried all day to order the new phone online and was met with busy server messages. Finally, by 11pm, I was able to order a phone to be delivered, but it wouldn’t ship until July! Being the gadget freak that I am, this was unacceptable! My buddy and I showed up to the mall 4am this morning to find about 100 people waiting outside and ready to riot because people were cutting line and mall security was not intervening. It was hot and tempers were flaring. I received reports that in other malls across the country there were smashed plate glass windows and broken doors. Thankfully the police showed and stopped anyone from murdering each other. Here is a poorly-lit video clip from my iPhone 3Gs of the crowd starting to get mad (yikes!): http://twitvid.com/7PSAA

In the end, I was #31 in the first come first serve line and got my 32 gig iPhone, after a measly 5 hour wait! Totally worth it. The camera is beautiful. I will make sure to post plenty of photo and video samples soon. In the meantime, here are two examples. Look how crisp!!

Don't mind the eye boogie.

On a quick side note… It is frustrating that there is such a lack of accessories for this 4th generation iPhone. I will have to wait for a proper case rather than a $30 “bumper” and for an appropriate handlebar mount for my bicycle. Since few companies got their hands on a pre-production model to design accessories, how long will it take to release new 3rd party support items?

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