Greetings From the Road – The Past 2-3 Weeks in DC, Philadelphia, Miami, NYC, & Chicago

David Guetta at the Congressional Theater in Chicago

Man, it is a busy month and its only April 4th! Got back from a wild Winter Music Conference in Miami (my first time attending the WMC…not a lot of sleep that week). Hung out with some incredibly talented musicians and saw some wild parties and filmed a music video. As soon as we got home, I had a quick shoot in NYC, and then we left for Chicago the next day, where I am now. We are filming a great new music video for Ultra Records, which I can’t wait to tell you guys more about. Here are some miscellaneous iPhone photos from 2 weeks on the road.

Ill be shooting in DC, Orlando, New York City, & Los Angeles later this month and looking forward to a mini-vacation in May :)

Pool party in Miami during WMC

Morning meeting...

Great place to plan pre-production :)

On set with the Canon 1D Mark 4

Hanging at the Bullitt Bookings anniversary party at The Wall (W Hotel South Beach). Amazing party

Winston has been up to no good while I've been away

Location scouting in Chicago

Rainy evening in New York City

Big crowd at the David Guetta show!

Enjoying a beautiful sunset in downtown Philly

Low-light fun with the Canon 1D Mark 4 during a fun all-night event at the "White Room" during Winter Music Conference

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  1. Danni says:

    You have fantastic pictures… I have to come here every so often to make sure I’m not missing any XP

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