My Justin Bieber Photoshoot in New York City

Spent the afternoon with “teen sensation” Justin Bieber earlier this week in New York. I had to take some portraits of him for my client, them follow him and document as he met with fans, was interviewed for the radio, and put on a private cd-release party performance. I’ll tell you that I have seen a lot of wild crowds, but I have never heard so many screaming young fans (particularly girls spontaneously combusting into tears as they essentially lost their minds) in my entire career. Security had to brace themselves against the barricades so I didn’t get crushed while photographing Justin perform on stage. Pretty wild!

Lesson learned from this shoot? “Bieber fever” gives teenage girls superhuman strength.

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3 thoughts on “My Justin Bieber Photoshoot in New York City”

  1. You’re now my daughters hero. Hope your having a good weekend. Let me know when you’re coming back to Vegas!!

  2. i love all of your work
    i am a huge JB fan, but i was watching the audio for a clip on youtube with usher, and i loved the photography, so i searched you up, and found this, and found that you ahd shot JUSTIN BIEBER.
    keep on doing what you love

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