Photoshoot With Grammy Award Winning Band Phoenix

Really enjoy their music, so it was a pleasure to have a chance to photograph them. This was another shoot I only had 10 minutes or so to photograph.

Phoenix put on an amazing concert. This shoot took place right before the Grammy Awards.

An example of when I used a Ring Flash as a single main light source in a similar situation.

The portraits and live photos I took ended up in the book "Live in Tribeca"

3 Responses to “Photoshoot With Grammy Award Winning Band Phoenix”

  1. Aaron says:

    Your photos just make me smile. love them. It still amazes to this day that it takes hours of planning for a 15min photo shoot. ha.

    Aaron of DBC

  2. jenette says:

    WOW. Tehe they’re reallyyyyy cute! :3
    Nice Photos! ^-^


  3. Was the ring flash the only light source ( minis the ambient)

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