So Much to Update! Fun With The Canon 1d Mark 4 Edition

Video still from the Cedric Gervais music video we shot in Miami

Hey everyone. I know I have been slow with the updates the past few weeks, but I have be so very busy working on exciting new stuff in every corner of the United States. Here are a few highlights…

  • My production company, 8112 Studios, filmed a new music video for Cedric Gervais (ranked #8 DJ in the United States by DJ Times Magazine in 2009) in Miami using the new Canon 1D Mark 4 and Sony Ex1 cameras. The 1D mark 4 footage looks incredible. I love it. Can’t wait to show you the finished video. We got to play with supercars, helicopters, beautiful models, nightclubs, birthday cake, and guns.
Miami at night using the Canon 1D Mark 4. The low-light capabilities were amazing!
More of Miami at night with the 1D Mark 4
  • Was in Los Angeles last week doing a few shoots. One of which was the new album cover shoot for We Are The Fallen. Its going to be awesome! Can’t show you any teasers yet, but…I will soon. Ok ok, you twisted my arm, here is one teaser from the band’s twitter page:
Band's twitter caption: "Long day + changing outfits 10 times = amazing photos."
  • Follow my video production company, 8112 Studios, and our adventures on FacebookTwitter & Tumblr. We have more Canon 1D Mark 4 samples on our pages.
  • Did I mention DC had another huge snow storm? I’m getting a good workout shoveling and snow-plowing. Check out my house before and after:
Before the recent snow storm and after. Can you spot my dog's head?

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