Magazine Cover Shoot – Independent Banker Magazine

I recently photographed this editorial job in Ohio for Independent Banker Magazine for a story on mobile banking services.

The original photo before the 2 other photos were dropped-in

The cover was a combination of 3 images. One was a photo of him actually holding the blank iPhone to the camera. The second photo was a portrait/headshot of him in the same environment to drop into the iPhone to make it look as if he is photographing himself. The third image was a photograph of a cloudy sky to drop in to both images since the original image had a gray gloomy sky.

Simple AB ring flash portrait against the safety deposit boxes
I got to photograph in a bank vault. Pretty sweet!

The vault portrait was fun. It happened to be pretty tight in there so I had to get creative with my lighting. I used 4 lights for this image. One light with a spotlight grid was used to light the outside vault door (right side of the frame). I bounced a second light off of the ceiling outside of the vault to add a little fill light to the outside of the vault because without, it would have looked solid black aside from the spot light on the vault door. 2 lights were hidden inside of the vault. One had warming gel and was bounced against the far corner behind the subject. I lit the subject with the 4th light using a beauty dish which was crammed into the corner in front of him. There was no power in the vault so I had to run an extension cable in there and photoshop it out later.

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