iPhone Photography Application I Love Right Now – “ShakeItPhoto” Polaroid Emulator (Review)


This sweet $0.99 iPhone photography application is getting a lot of use on my 3Gs.  It turns your iPhone camera photos into realistic-looking polaroids (see some of my sample shots above and below).  A fun little aspect of the software is that when the phone is processing your image, you can actually shake the phone and watch the image develop (like a real polaroid). Although, sometimes I just want my image to save so I can go back to doing something else because if you click away before the image is fully “developed” it will not save. I wish they had a quick save button just in case you didnt want to wait… Otherwise, I am pretty happy with my 99 cent investment!

A screen capture of an image "developing"

Below are random shots I have taken using shakeitphoto software over the past couple of weeks.






Go to their website for a software demo: http://shakeitphoto.com/

Link to buy the software on itunes: HERE

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